7 Perfect Eyeliner Styles,Designs and Looks To try in 2016

Everything requires some tricks and methods that make the thing better and charming. Similarly,  if we talk about makeup, there are also some tricks, but some of the makeup artists know.Everyone know very that not only one thing is prominent in the whole makeup look. There are a lot of things that matters. Eyes are however not a feature that we can forget to polish. It is a most beautiful feature that is prominent on your face. We can enhance the beauty of eyes by doing proper eye makeup. These days makeup turned into magic when it applied on someone's face it increases the natural beauty of the person and make them look different and most beautiful. There are a lot of accessories and products relating to makeup are available in the market, and you have to choose the best one. By using the branded super products and good practice, you can easily get your beautiful look.  A first thing that you should determine the eye makeup which suits you. Sometimes little change would change the whole personality. Eyeliner, however, seems like a small thing, but it would change your entire look if it would be proper. We are going to post some ideas for decent eyeliner. Choose the best that suits you the most! Be Gorgeous by trying these funky eyeliner styles & Ideas.

Different Eyeliner Styles & Ideas 2016-2017

Eyes are one of the most the best organs of  our body.By beautifying the eye with proper liner, they more improving the grace of eyes. So check these styles and i hope you will fall in love with them. Don't forget to share your reviews. 

Arabic Style Eyeliner Ideas

Cat Style Eye Liner Ideas

So thick Eyeliner Style 

Drop Style Eyeliner 

Open Winged Style Eyeliner

Double Winged Eyeliner Styles & Ideas

Creative Winged Style Eyeliner Ideas